Brent Hoagland

Brent Hoagland

Mr. Brent Hoagland’s experience extends across the back-office. He has overseen financial reporting for investor relations, regulatory filings (i.e., Form PF, 13-F, Form 4, etc.), internal compliance, performance analysis, and audits. In addition, he performed daily cash and position reconciliations, counterparty risk assessments, and pricing across equities, fixed income, options, CFDs, warrants, FX options, CDS, interest-rate-swaptions, and futures.

Brent offers expertise in developing and implementing operational strategy. Prior to joining Vigilant, Brent served a VP of Finance and Operations at a Hedge Fund.

Brent has his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Lafayette College, his Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago and is currently enrolled as a PhD student at Rutgers University.

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