Robert Sipple

Robert Sipple

Mr. Robert Sipple has over twenty years of experience as a Fund Accounting Manager, including 12 years in the NAV Operations Department. Robert’s responsibilities included booking and clearing trades in the Fund’s Portfolio, researching and clearing cash reconciliation items with Custody, nightly security pricing and calculation of the Fund’s NAV. Robert was responsible for Sub-Chapter M testing and provided information for SEC Filings such as N-CSR Filings and N-Q Filings.

Robert spent eight years in the Client Service Department working on High Profile Clients. Robert was responsible for Fund Expenses which included maintaining Fund Expense Ratios, budgeting, reviewing accruals, payment of expenses and calculating Asset-Based Fees (Advisor, Administration and Shareholder Service Fees). Robert’s other responsibilities included Prospectus preparation, calculating and posting to general ledger the quarterly distributions and reviewing Financial Statements. Robert also provided the auditors various schedules necessary for the completion of the Annual Report.

Robert received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University and provides clients with an extensive and broad knowledge of Mutual Fund Accounting.

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