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Top 5 Common Misconceptions with Compliance

Think you can handle your entire Compliance Program all by yourself? Here are the Top 5 misconceptions with Compliance that YOU need to know: It is easy to implement and comply with regulations Compliance is essentially Business Prevention This is wrong as Compliance is business protection! Compliance hinders profits Ensures company is up to date and is […]

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Do I need Expert Support for my Compliance Program or should I Outsource the role of CCO?

Trying to distinguish what the differences are between Outsourcing your CCO and Compliance Support? Below are key highlights of what Outsourcing your CCO encompasses versus Compliance Support: Outsourcing your CCO We handle all your Compliance tasks seamlessly and efficiently so you can tend to other important matters Your Compliance Program is watched after diligently by experts who focus […]

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Smarsh Currently No Longer Archiving Twitter

Smarsh recently announced to its clients that they will no longer legally be allowed to Collect Data from an Organization’s Communication on Twitter. Starting March 20th 2020 at 9am EST Smarsh will no longer be legally allowed to collect that data through archiving and searching Twitter communications. Twitter is suspending Smarsh’s ability to collect data on your company’s communication because […]

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