Vigilant Fund Management

Since August 2004, Vigilant Fund Management LLC has been serving companies in the investment management sector. Today, as a leading compliance firm, Vigilant Fund Management LLC draws on years of experience in financial, compliance and legal matters to support multibillion-dollar funds, registered investment companies, private equity firms, broker-dealers, federally registered investment advisers and other organizations. To serve these clients, Vigilant Fund Management LLC offers compliance, regulatory and management services, including:

  1. Compliance and Regulatory Services

Vigilant Fund Management LLC works with a team of financial and legal professionals to ensure you stay compliant with the latest, relevant regulations. Our independent team ensures you have the compliance processes in place to meet SEC and other regulatory body requirements. Mutual fund compliance, private equity and hedge fund compliance, broker dealer compliance and other compliance services use the 5 Step Matrix System to ensure a thorough review of all operational, marketing and other systems.

  1. Outsourced CCO Services

As the largest outsourced CCO firm, we let you use your time and resources efficiently as you enjoy the scalable CCO services you need. If you need a chief compliance officer, Vigilant Fund Management LLC will provide you will the experienced professionals you need for compliance program development and implementation, risk matrix preparation, board advisement, compliance reviews and more.

  1. Investment Adviser Training

Vigilant Fund Management LLC can offer you the robust training you need to ensure every investment adviser on your team understands the current regulatory environment, as well as the specific compliance issues impacting your organization.

  1. Cybersecurity

Vigilant Fund Management LLC offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions. They start with a thorough analysis of the threats possible at your organization, as well as solutions, a suggested security policy and a proposed policy for incident responses. In addition, Vigilant Fund Management LLC also offers RIA registration, IT security evaluations, SEC data privacy compliance services and penetration testing for your complete turnkey cybersecurity solution.

  1. Mock SEC Exams

The Vigilant Fund Management LLC Mock SEC Exam program lets you prepare everyone on your team for an SEC exam. Based on actual SEC exams, this live examination ensures your compliance system can stand up to SEC scrutiny and can ensure your organization is ready.

  1. Consulting Services

Vigilant Fund Management LLC can help your organization plan for the future, strategically. Whether you are just starting or seeking to expand in a market, focused consulting services provide you with the answers and strategies you need.

If you’d like to put the years of experience and leadership at Vigilant Fund Management LLC to work for you, contact us at 1-888-229-1855 today to schedule our services. Vigilant Fund Management LLC can tailor services to meet your needs, so you get the support you require as you grow your organization.