Vigilant Distributor

Getting support with advertising, distribution reviews, dealer contract review and registered representative services frees up your team to focus on revenue-generating activities. Outsourcing ensures you get experts handling compliance and efficiency, netting you the results you need as you move forward. Vigilant Distributor offers a number of services to make your organization stronger and more efficient:

  1. Advertising Review

The number of fund and investment options available has been increasingly making investment management a very competitive arena. At the same time, a strict regulatory environment has meant organizations need to use caution when advertising their services. To succeed, your organization needs to create a clear brand identity, persuasively communicate your offerings and distinguish yourself from competitors.

Vigilant Distributor can help with these issues with a strong advertising review, which can determine compliance and effectiveness of your current and projected advertising ideas. Vigilant Distributor can evaluate all your advertising materials, including websites, brochures, paid advertisements and other materials for accuracy, compliance and strategy.

  1. Dealer Contract Review and Administration

When you need to review, facilitate and review dealer servicing and selling agreements, or when you need to put these agreements into action, Vigilant Distributor offers support through an experienced team of legal and other professionals. Vigilant Distributor can also assist with 12b-1 regulatory reviews, 22c-2 agreements, networking agreements and other services.

  1. Distribution Analysis and Support

Vigilant Distributor offers market analysis, personalized distribution plans, distribution reach expansion and support for developing new distribution channels. Whether you want to launch a new fund and extend the reach of your distribution channels or want to maximize distribution for your current offerings, Vigilant Distributor professionals can assist you.

  1. Marketing and Promotional Services

Marketing and promotion for financial and investment services need to be professional, authoritative and fully compliant. Vigilant Distributor can help your organization communicate effectively with prospective clients while also staying fully compliant. From online marketing to more traditional print promotion, Vigilant Distributor can help you with strategic and persuasive marketing strategies and materials. The team can evaluate the language you use, the accuracy of your offerings, the congruence of your brand and other elements of your strategy to ensure you remain both attractive to clients and compliant for regulators.

  1. Registered Representative Services

When you need support navigating adviser employee licensing registration, Vigilant Distributor can offer supervision of representatives and sponsorship of securities license. Whether you need required training, recordkeeping, reviews or other support to ensure compliance, you can turn to Vigilant Distributor for support.

If your organization is ready to take a second look at advertising, registered representatives, distribution or dealer agreements, contact Vigilant Distributor to discuss your needs. Vigilant Distributor has worked with some of the largest funds in the country and our team of legal professionals, certified public accountants and other professionals are poised to help your organization become more efficient and compliant in seeking out new opportunities.