Boston Fund Management Services

Turnover happens at investment companies. When you are responsible for other people’s funds, you want that turnover to be as unobtrusive as possible. That’s why businesses in Boston turn to Vigilant Fund Management, LLC, to provide outsourced executive officers during management transitions. When you need solutions, consider finding your interim mutual fund president, corporate secretary or CFO by using our professional services in Boston. Our innovative thought leaders will help your company stay on track through the most demanding of circumstances.


Why Outsource Your Fund Management Services in Boston?

Outsourcing allows you to take your time with your search for new executive officers. You want to find someone who can fit into your corporate culture and handle the complex investment issues you face every day. Relying on our outsourced professionals while you complete this search on your own time removes some of the pressure. You can concentrate on your mission of finding the best people while our experienced team ensures your business stays on track.

Vigilant Fund Management offers:

  • CFO outsourcing services: The CFO helps oversee vital financial records and statements. You can’t afford to leave this position open. Our seasoned professionals can review your fund’s fair valuation schedule, discuss dividend distribution and attend board meetings.
  • Mutual fund president outsourcing services: The president of your mutual fund monitors your strategy, oversees marketing and forges new agreements. We have professionals with more than 20 years of experience who can tackle those tasks and more, exploring new ideas for fund expansion and helping to implement new compliance programs.
  • Corporate secretarial services: Administrative managers oversee fund management and participate in reviews to ensure everything is done by the book. They will take the minutes for board meetings, tend to document filings per federal regulatory standards and handle any other tasks your team does not have time for or cannot do themselves.

Use Our Skills and Experience for Your Benefit

We have worked with business development companies, series trusts, exchange traded funds and more. See how we can assist your investment company in Boston during a time of transition. Get in touch with us today to learn more.