New York City Fund Management Services

New York City is a hub of finance, and many investment companies in the town need experienced professionals to serve in a range of top positions, filling in during extended absences or turnover. Vigilant Fund Management, LLC, can provide your team with outsourced secretary selection, mutual fund president and CFO professional services in New York City. If you are registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, you can enlist our assistance. We fit your individual business’s needs in order to enhance your fund management.


Providing Thought Leaders to Improve Your Investment Strategy in NYC

You want your company to find ways to better manage your investments. You need innovators who can find new approaches, and experienced veterans who understand when to take chances and when to be conservative. Our fund management professionals draw on their wealth of background knowledge to patch the holes in your company. Whether you need someone on a short- or longer-term basis, our professionals can pitch in with a range of skills.

Vigilant Fund Management offers the following in NYC:

  • Corporate secretarial services: In a highly regulated industry, you need people to assist with high-level administrative tasks who know what they are doing. Our outsourcing services can save you time while also providing the accuracy you need. Our professionals have worked for open- and closed-ended funds, and they have an excellent grasp of mutual fund operations.
  • CFO outsourcing services: Is your company in the midst of a transition? You can’t let a vital position go dark while you wait to discover the perfect candidate. One of our professionals with decades of experience can step in and take on the duties of a chief financial officer, addressing compliance issues and overseeing financial concerns.
  • Mutual fund president outsourcing services: Does your fund need a creative mind at the top with expertise in managing? Our professionals have been working with mutual funds for more than 20 years. We can also provide an independent outsourcing option to liaise with mutual fund boards and fund sponsors.

Look Ahead With Vigilant Fund Management

To ensure a smooth transition between management teams or provide fund sponsors the consulting services they desire, Vigilant Fund Management can help your New York City company. Contact us today to see how our experience can benefit you.