Outsourced Fund Management Services

Vigilant Fund Management offers robust outsourced management services in the investment management industry. As a full-service compliance firm, Vigilant Fund Management brings together industry-leading certified public accountants, legal professionals and other licensed and certified practicing professionals to offer you full support.

The careful testing and documentation prepare your team for annual reports and enhance compliance while the range of management services, including personalized services, ensure you receive the management support you need.

Vigilant Fund Management offers a variety of outsourced management services, including:

Chief Financial Officer & Principal Financial Officer Outsourcing

Most organization require strong financial leadership, even if they cannot financially justify a full-time CFO. With Vigilant Fund Management outsourcing, it is possible to secure the services of a skilled CFO for your needs without the complex process of recruiting, hiring and training.

Vigilant Fund Management provides you with the part-time CFO services your organization needs to install new financial metrics, develop strategies to improve net worth, negotiate new financing and handle other tasks usually negotiated by a CFO. As your needs change, Vigilant Fund Management can ensure you get the right level of management support. Learn more about Vigilant Fund Management’s CFO Outsourcing Services.

Mutual Fund President Outsourcing

Enhance operational and business performance by outsourcing your president needs with Vigilant Fund Management. Vigilant Fund Management can ensure you get the high-caliber leadership you need to make key decisions, advise your team, stay compliant and steer your organization on the road to success. Learn more about Vigilant’s Mutual Fund President Outsourcing Services.

Outsourcing Secretarial Support

Secretarial support in the investment management industry goes well beyond gatekeeping and filing. The right secretarial support through Vigilant Fund Management outsourced management services ensures you have the professional or professionals in place to offer advice and to keep you compliant while administrating your organization efficiently. Vigilant Fund Management ensures you get the flexible support you need. Learn more about Vigilant’s Outsourcing Services for Secretarial Support.

Outsourced Treasurer Selection

Today, more organizations in the investment management industry are seeking treasury outsourcing services rather than in-house solutions. Outsourcing allows you to secure the services of a treasurer, who can fulfill all the standard duties of this type of professional. Learn more about Vigilant’s Treasurer Selection Outsourcing Services.

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Modified: November 7, 2018