Chief Financial Officer & Principal Financial Officer Outsourcing

A Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) (alternatively known as a Treasurer or Principal Financial Officer (“PFO”)), with a key responsibility for the financial operations of an investment company, plays a crucial role in any organization. CFOs present financial data for an organization, handle current finances, and offer forecasts and support for future financial decisions. In short, the CFO is responsible for the financial health of your mutual fund. In today’s regulatory environment, the CFO is also critical for ensuring compliance with various federal regulatory standards.

Many funds today consider the option of outsourcing its CFO as an alternative to hiring a full-time CFO, or as a solution during a transition period, following turnover at CFO role. For both streamlining and budgetary concerns, CFO outsourcing might make sense for you.

What Does an Outsourced CFO Do?

CFOs handle many tasks at an investment organization, including, but not limited to:

  1. Attend and Present at all Board and Committee meetings, as requested or required.
  2. Review Draft Financial Statements prepared by Service Provider.
  3. Review Monthly Financial Statements.
  4. Review Final Dividend Distribution Schedule.
  5. Review Calculation of Advisory Fee Process.
  6. Review Service Provider’s Sub-Chapter M Reports.
  7. Review Fund’s Fair Valuation Schedule.
  8. Review Asset Coverage Test Information from Service Provider.
  9. Review of Sarbanes Oxley Reports, if any.
  10. Interface with the Fund’s Registered Auditors.
  11. Review and Execution of Form N-Q, N-CSR, and Annual Reports to the extent appropriate.
  12. Review the Fund’s Audit Reports, Management Letters and Internal Control Letters.
  13. Review Certifications and Sub-Certifications of Service Providers.

Outsourced Chief Financial Officer Services

Depending on your business and industry, you may need outsourced Cheif Financial Officer (CFO) services for only specific projects or tasks. Since CFOs have many different skills that benefit an organization’s finances, you can work with them on your most important projects, or for every one of your financial projects. That’s the benefit of outsourced CFO services.

Working with a CFO’s experience and insight will ultimately help you keep an accurate pulse of your company’s finances. Also, having a fresh set of eyes analyze your numbers can help you gain accurate insights and timely information during a growth or crisis time.

Below are five services that our experienced CFO consultants will typically handle.


When it comes to how work and finances are flowing internally in your organization, our CFOs know how to analyze. One example of their modeling and internal organization skills is in their ability to create easy processes for staff to follow to increase company efficiency and ultimately save money. They will also analyze how you can model your finances differently to put your business at a lower risk. A CFO’s modeling and internal organization skills go well with future planning or creating financial projections.


CFOs know how to strategically provide their planning as an outsourced account service to ensure your business will be stable.

One example of how our CFOs put these skills to work is through strategic planning. This could include their insight on hiring financial professionals or third-party providers for accounting. Discovering bankers or investors that fit for your company and building relationships with them is also a service they provide.

A more direct service for future financial planning would be handling debt and equity. Others include asset and succession planning for how your business will continue to be financially stable and secure through future leaders of the company.


Outsourced account services from a CFO that include their review skill-set are very impactful for the short-term and long-term success of your company. Specific examples of what a CFO will review are the tax structure of the company leaders, financial statements, contract reviews and insurance with risk analysis.

Insurance and risk analysis involves determining the organization’s most significant risks, along with the insurance needed to cover them. This is when CFOs really become chief financial officer compliance consultants. Their expert review skills are turn-key when combined with their other skill sets.


If your company is in need of a financial reporting revamp, this is an outsourced service you can take advantage of. CFOs can help you create internal financial reports and external reports or proposals representing your business. The way these professionals structure these reports will allow your internal team to identify and analyze key financial metrics, as well as the way your company is represented.


Providing expert guidance to your internal team on what they think of your internal operations, reports, future plans and modeling is a service, as well. More specifically, CFOs could provide their financial expertise on things like medical leave, change of leaders and your overall business goals in relation to their fiscal impact.

Why Outsource CFO Professional Services?

Outsourcing contract CFO services offers many advantages when compared with hiring a full-time and in-house CFO. With outsourced CFO consulting services, you can:

  • Save considerably, by only hiring a part-time CFO as needed
  • Have a solution in the event of turnover at the CFO position
  • Stay flexible, securing CFO assistance during mergers, acquisitions and other major developments
  • Avoid having team members take on a CFO’s role
  • Secure the services of a professional and experienced CFO
  • Save the time you would need to invest in recruiting a full-time CFO
  • Work with CFOs who have experience working across multiple firms and fund complexes

Working With Vigilant Fund Management

Vigilant Fund Management Leadership

Vigilant Fund Management has a team of legal and financial professionals as well as experienced CFOs already carefully selected, so if you need CFO services quickly, Vigilant Fund Management can offer you the support you need rapidly. Vigilant Fund Management, LLC is proud to serve the financial communities in Metro New York, Philadelphia, Boston, D.C. and Dallas. Since 2004, Vigilant Fund Management has worked with billion-dollar funds, investment firms and organization in the investment management industry. As a leader in the sector and a full-service compliance firm, Vigilant Fund Management also has the additional services your firm may need.

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Modified: November 7, 2018