Treasurer Outsourcing Services

Treasurers are the senior financial managers in charge of financial risk management at your organization. At smaller organizations, this role may be fulfilled by a team of financial professionals rather than a dedicated treasurer.

Outsourcing Services

Today, more organizations in the investment management industry are seeking treasury outsourcing services rather than in-house solutions. Outsourcing allows you to secure the services of a treasurer, who can fulfill all the standard duties of this type of professional, including:

  • Forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Developing and implementing risk policies
  • Developing plans to boost the bottom line
  • Liaising with senior management to manage working capital and develop risk management strategies
  • Managing daily cash management processes
  • Handling in-house banks and loan portfolios
  • Meeting hedging and foreign exchange regulations
  • Developing payment netting and other needed processes

Without a treasurer, these duties are likely to fall to the accountant or other financial officer. With outsourcing, you can segregate duties and ensure an experienced professional is in charge of risk management.

Why Outsourcing Treasury Management Makes Sense

When you outsource your corporate treasurer, you enjoy many benefits:

  • Your organization can save money when compared with hiring a treasurer full time
  • You can secure full-time, part-time or interim services, as needed
  • Your team members can take advantage of the expertise of a treasurer, leaving them free to focus on their own areas of expertise
  • There’s no need to worry about recruitment, hiring, training or HR when you outsource
  • You can have a dedicated treasurer, ensuring other financial team members do not have to take on the responsibility
  • Business continuity and capacity planning are offered by the outsource service provider
  • You don’t need to worry about changing technology, as outsourcing takes care of this need
  • You get access to treasury management professionals who have a level of technical, regulatory and market knowledge you might not be able to access in any other way

Why Choose Vigilant Fund Management for Your Treasury Management Services?

Since 2004, Vigilant Fund Management has been the leader in investment management compliance. Our team of treasurers and financial and legal professionals ensure you get the financial support services as well as the support you need to stay fully compliant.

Vigilant Fund Management offers relevant consulting and other related services to support your team and works to keep lines of communication open so your outsourced services work seamlessly. Vigilant Fund Management, LLC is proud to serve the financial communities in Metro New York, Philadelphia, Boston, D.C., and Dallas. If you are looking to grow your organization while ensuring regulatory compliance with treasury services, contact Vigilant Fund Management for personalized and efficient services.

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Modified: November 7, 2018