Published on Oct 13th, 2020 |

Trying to distinguish what the differences are between Outsourcing your CCO and Compliance Support?

Below are key highlights of what Outsourcing your CCO encompasses versus Compliance Support:

Outsourcing your CCO

  • We handle all your Compliance tasks seamlessly and efficiently so you can tend to other important matters
  • Your Compliance Program is watched after diligently by experts who focus solely on Compliance
  • You can maximize your efforts in other areas
  • Our team is among the best in the industry having served on compliance board and handled compliance management services at companies in every industry
  • You receive end-to-end support
  • You have an entire team working on your Compliance Program
  • Our team has more expertise and experience than most in-house compliance teams

Compliance Support:

  • Our team can Support your Program through training, helping you become more efficient at your job
  • Our team can Support your Program by taking tasks away from your day to day as CCO so you can focus on many other tasks at hand
  • Our Support provides another set of eyes to increase diligence
  • Our team will track and document compliance oversight of high-risk areas
  • It is important to test your compliance program using Vigilant’s Proprietary System

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