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Outsourced FinOp With Vigilant Compliance

Vigilant Compliance can provide your broker-dealer with an outsourced financial operations principal who helps your member firm meet its strategic goals. With Vigilant Compliance, your business will partner with a licensed Series 27 professional with the requisite experience, and who will support and enhance your existing FinOp practices while protecting your firm and clients.

When you choose Vigilant Compliance, you’ll grow your business’s reputation because you’ll put our knowledge of the industry’s best practices to work for you.

Why Your Member Firm Needs FinOp Outsourcing

Regulatory demands grow more complex with each passing year. So do disciplinary fines and actions. The result is that managing finance operations in-house is more expensive than ever before. Vigilant Compliance provides your broker-dealer with FinOp outsourcing that helps you stay on top of the industry’s increasing challenges while preserving your hard-earned bottom line.

Review our 5-Step Matrix System5M to choose the support services that meet your specific needs.

Define and Devise
  • Conduct specialized meeting to Review Written Supervisory Procedures
  • Preparation of Compliance Flow Charts for Broker-Dealer
  • Preparation of Supervisory Responsibility Matrix
  • Designate a VC Professional to serve as your Compliance Consultant
  • Prepare a Risk Matrix
  • Prepare and Maintain Broker-Dealer Compliance Calendar
Implement and Manage
  • Prepare or Update your Written Supervisory Procedures Manual
  • Conduct Outsourced Compliance Review of All Critical Areas
  • Review of Marketing Materials for Compliance with FINRA Rules
  • Perform Anti-Money Laundering Review
  • Conduct testing and verification of the Firm’s Supervisory Procedures
Educate and Train
  • Conduct you Required Annual Firm Element Training
  • Conduct Insider Trading Training
  • Conduct Required Code of Ethics Training
Review Report and File
  • Preparation of FINRA Rule 3012 Report
  • Preparation of Annual Anti-Money Laundering Report
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Internal Control Reviews
  • Review of Know Your Customer Reports and Suitability
  • FINRA Disciplinary Disclosure Reporting
  • Review of Customer Privacy Protection Procedures
  • Branch Office and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction Reviews
Inquiries Respond and Resolve
  • FINRA Examination Support
  • FINRA Exam Coordination
  • Collect Supporting Documentation for FINRA Examinations
  • Respond & Resolve SEC Inquiries

A Series 27- licensed FinOp professional from Vigilant Compliance will:

  • File accurate and timely FOCUS reports
  • Calculate net capital
  • Provide supervision of in-house FinOp staff members, from report preparers to record keepers
  • Assure your firm remains in compliance with the rules set forth by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  • Monitor litigation, arbitration, customer complaints, contracts, commissions and all back-office operations

Successfully Outsourcing FinOp for Your Broker-Dealer

Outsourcing a FinOp does not relieve your firm or Vigilant Compliance from adhering to industry-wide rules and regulations. Whether your member firm requires a part-time or full-time FinOp, you can ensure a successful partnership in a few important ways:

  • Providing Vigilant Compliance with full access to your business records, just as a full-time FinOp would receive
  • Defining the FinOp’s responsibilities clearly to staff members
  • Keeping your FinOp aware of upcoming changes in policy, litigation or arbitration matters, contracts and other mission-critical events or news

Contact Vigilant Compliance for More Information

Vigilant Compliance’s highly experienced FinOp professionals have the qualifications your business needs to meet demanding industry regulations while preserving your bottom line. With offices in New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston and Washington, DC, our FinOp professionals are well-positioned to ensure your business stays in compliance with financial operations and reporting rules. Contact us to learn more.

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