Active Distribution

Vigilant's Active Distribution

Through our Active Distribution platform, Vigilant offers a unique Sales Solution for the Boutique Asset Manager through their network of Independent Wholesalers. Vigilant offers solutions tailored for your strategy and target audience. Vigilant’s Distribution solutions are customizable, scalable, and affordable. When partnering with Vigilant you can customize your channel, geography, and level of sophistication, all in which your company’s goals are aligned. We understand the challenges of building a sales team, as well as utilizing a third-party distribution.

Advisors are facing many challenges that they cannot handle without the help of a trusted partner like Vigilant. Vigilant identifies what their clients need to help grow their business and advocate for efficiency. Some of the biggest challenges Advisors are facing is Client Retention, Market Volatility, Fiduciary Standard, Client Performance, Client Digital Experience, Non Traditional Competitors.

We find Boutique Asset Managers single biggest challenge is developing a distribution strategy in the changing landscape of Fiduciary Standard of Care.

Due to Vigilant’s 200+ years experienced team, we know what Financial Advisors and RIA’s Want Today from Asset Managers.

Financial Advisors and RIAs want:

  • Improved Client Investment Outcomes
  • Consultative Relationship from the Asset Managers
  • Wholesalers who are aligned with the Advisers
  • Digital support and content
  • A Fiduciary Partner
  • Looking for emerging strategies
  • Impactful Web Content
  • Long-Standing Relationships
  • Product Insights
  • Client Support

We will tailor the right team for your strategy and target audience. Our solution is scalable, which means no overlapping strategies, no conflicts of interest, and includes ETFs, Mutual Funds, SMAs or LPs. We are affordable and success based because our incentives are aligned with yours. We form a strategic partnership with our clients and have their best interest and growth at hand.

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