Principal Underwriting

Principal Underwriting Solutions

Vigilant provides Principal Underwriter/ Statutory Distribution solutions for investment companies (Mutual Funds) and ETFs. Vigilant can also act as Placement Agent for Private Placement activities and can serve as Distributor for Private Funds.

What We Can Do for You

  • Serve as Principal Underwriter
  • Mutual Fund Sponsor or Mutual Fund Wholesaler
  • Sponsor Private Placements and Private Funds
  • Maintain Broker-Dealer agreements as Principal Underwriter
  • Enter into Dealer and Sub-Placement Agent agreements to facilitate sales of Fund shares or other Ownership Interests
  • Form Broker-Dealer for Clients; White Label Broker-Dealers for Client use; Complete New Membership Applications; Obtain FINRA Membership; Serves as CCO or FinOp as needed
  • Support you with Fund/SERV and networking agreements
  • Administer Rule 12b-1 plans and load payments, according to the funds’ authorized distribution plan (includes board reporting)
  • Register with states and FINRA; Renew filings and state-specific requirements; submit annual reports to state jurisdictions and regulatory organizations.

Leverage our industry relationships to enhance your distribution network. Our team will negotiate and prepare dealer selling agreements and provide for the ongoing monitoring of your selling partners. A comprehensive due diligence review of prospective dealers will assist in the marketing process.

Vigilant will assist with reviewing your contracts for compliance with security regulations. We can also help you develop a strategy for Funds Sales. Our multi-disciplinary team has the legal professionals, financial professionals, regulatory and compliance professionals to help you have a multilevel review of your agreements. Consulting solutions can help you hone the right personalized approach to your agreements.

Vigilant will listen to your objectives, concerns and questions, and will develop a personalized plan to help you secure the Dealer Agreements you desire.

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