Capital Raising

Capital RaisingCapital Raising

Vigilant has worked with some of the leading Global and Investment Management Firms to provide solutions for their compliance, distribution, and strategic challenges.

Vigilant takes a consultative approach which builds upon Vigilant’s pillars, Experience, Trust, Knowledge. 

Our experience within compliance has highlighted the changing nature of regulatory, legal, and governance challenges the Investment Managers are facing today. 

Vigilant was founded based on the Trust that the Investment Management Industry is built upon. As our industry has grown in complexity it is Trust that allows Asset Management to deliver the outcomes for their investors. We believe in the consultative approach to identify, highlight, and develop our client partners core strengths. 

Finally, our pillar of knowledge and the commitment to continue, builds a learning based culture which allows Vigilant to address the continuing changes within the Asset Management Industry.

Vigilant’s constant has been aligning with our clients needs.

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Growing Assets Under Management

  • Analyze and Assess your Firm’s Growth Plans
  • Recommend Modifications to keep pace with your Firm’s Growth Projections
  • Discuss the Latest Adviser and Fund Growth Methodologies

Bring Industry Insights to you from the Leading Investment Firms

Growing Assets Under Management is always difficult. Understanding your firm’s culture and history is often key to developing a successful growth strategy. We work with you to take your Firm where you want to go. Since each firm is unique, we listen, analyze your Firm, and help you plot the right course.

Market Viewpoints

Since the Great Recession, many Advisers and Funds have experienced drastic decreases in AUM. Let us help you reverse the trend. Those who manage in the face of change will be the new industry leaders. The key is to change in the right way.

Vigilant is experienced with the full spectrum of Funds and different investment strategies: Markets, Emerging Markets, Frontier Markets, Emerging Market Equity, Emerging Market Debt. Vigilant has partnered with experienced Investment Advisers who have taken whole new approaches to finding investment opportunities for clients.

 Optimize Adviser Profitability

  • Review Adviser and Fund Lines of Business
  • Evaluation of Adviser Profitability
  • Benchmarking Adviser Profitability by Analyzing Revenues, and Benchmarking Costs relative to Leading Advisers and Funds

Adviser Profitability is front and center of management’s mind. Yet, many Advisors and Funds are unsure what path is right for them. Should they launch a Mutual Fund? Focus on Growing Separate Accounts? Seek out high net worth clients? Which investment is likely to yield you the highest return? Should you seek to develop your Advisory business, or focus on Sub-Advisory relationships? You need a guide to help you through the decisional process. Put Vigilant’s experience to work for you.

Organization Optimization

  • Review and Evaluate Current Organizational Structure
  • Comparison to Benchmarks for Revenue
  • Referencing Vigilant’s Leading Industry Contacts for Service Optimization and Performance

Should you be outsourcing your Separate Account Servicing? Outsourcing your Middle or Back Office may allow you to reduce salary expense and focus on your core competencies. Vigilant will perform the Financial Analytics to help you make the right decision.

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