Outsourcing Secretarial Support Solutions

Corporate Secretarial solutions are key in evidencing thorough review and oversight of an organization. Skilled administrative management professionals act as gatekeepers, assisting you in staying day-to-day compliant and handle many of the essential tasks of maintaining books and records. Vigilant has experienced in-house attorneys and trained paralegals, with extensive experience in drafting meeting minutes.

It takes skill and experience to know what type of information should be maintained in minutes and even more experience to know what information can be excluded.

Hiring the wrong Corporate Secretary can be inefficient and costly, which is why firms turn to the in-house expertise at Vigilant.

What our Secretarial Solutions offer you?

Corporate Secretarial solutions include many tasks, such as:

  • Attend and participate in all Board and Committee Meetings
  • Maintain Minutes of all Board and Committee Meetings
  • Review documentation and minutes prepared by other Key Service Providers
  • Assist in Filing Documents as required by applicable Regulatory Standards

Why Choose Outsourced Secretarial Solutions?

While many people choose in-house and full-time secretarial professionals, the decision to outsource can help with a variety of situations, including:

  • Addressing increased need during specific transitional phases or times of year
  • Replacing current secretarial professionals during illness or leave
  • Handling specialized tasks your current professionals do not have experience with
  • Offering solutions in situations where full-time administrative professionals are not needed or the cost is too high

Secretarial professionals often need to submit documentation by strict deadlines to help you stay compliant. They also need to stay aware of current technology, regulatory climates and the latest best practices. Small mistakes made at the secretarial level can mean regulatory violations. Choosing to outsource corporate secretarial duties to a qualified professional ensures you have the experienced professionals you need on your team.

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Working with Vigilant

Since 2004, Vigilant has been a leader in compliance, consulting and outsourcing solutions for organizations across the organization and globally. Multi billion-dollar entities and some of the leaders in the industry turn to Vigilant when they need support solutions.

Our team includes financial, legal, secretarial and other professionals are proud to provide solutions to clients all over the country including Metro New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and Dallas. With a focus on compliance, Vigilant can ensure your outsourced administrative professionals have in-depth knowledge about the latest compliance issues and regulatory changes, ensuring your organization is administered efficiently and with full compliance in mind.