Published on Dec 17th, 2020 |

With unprecedented uncertainty heading into 2021 it is important to have a strong Compliance program and gain a competitive advantage heading into the new year.

With a little under a month to go Vigilant has some exciting news to unveil at the start of 2021. We look forward to growing and providing stronger solutions for YOU more than ever before…

Here are 5 ways Vigilant can help YOU gain a strong competitive advantage in 2021:

  1. Industry-best practices that can define the future of your business
  2. We help provide the in-depth analysis and strategic planning you need to succeed. We offer a 5 Step Matrix System that lets you choose the service(s) that are right for your business
  3. Vigilant has experience in a wide range of investment solutions: Open End Funds, ETFs, Separately Managed Accounts, Unified Managed Accounts, Private Equity, and Debt. Our team has the experience to customize a Program that fits your needs in the most cost-effective manner
  4. Comprehensive compliance training is provided by Vigilant, tailored to standard and company-specific solutions
  5. Vigilant can assess current, existing, and potential risks to you and your company

“Every CCO at Vigilant has extensive experience in the Investment Industry ―and each exceeds SEC standards for Knowledge, Competency, and Compliance abilities. Professional excellence and service are our hallmarks.”

– Salvatore Faia, JD, CPA, CFE, President