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Investment Management Consulting SolutionsOur investment management consulting solutions can help you grow your assets under management. We provide industry insights based on conversations with and observations from leading investment companies. We can also develop successful strategies based on the unique culture and history of your organization, helping you plot the best course for your unique needs. By listening to and analyzing your firm, our team can help lead you to the best solutions.

Our solutions include optimizing adviser profitability through evaluations and benchmarking. Our market viewpoints encompassing emerging market equity and debt as well as frontier markets, can help you explore new investment opportunities for your clients.

Trust us to aid you in finding ways to move forward by guiding your decision-making process and determining where you should invest time and effort to achieve the growth you desire. Your clients’ financial future can look brighter when you trust Vigilant with your investment management consulting.

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Capital Raising

Capital raising opens the door to new pursuits for your clients and encourages creativity. You can achieve capital raising in different ways, but you need to be careful of staying within compliance as you pursue your project. Our solutions help you navigate the changing regulatory environment.

Vigilant can advise you on the best ways to proceed. We draw on proven techniques to offer guidance and suggestions. We also know the information you need to provide and how to implement procedures that can make the process easier while protecting your interests.

Global Solutions

Since 2004, companies from around the globe have trusted Vigilant to provide the regulatory compliance consulting solutions they need. Whether you have offices abroad or want to enhance your reputation as an international business, we can offer assistance. Our solutions include:

  • Cybersecurity help to identify potential threats, including flagging internal practices that can lead to vulnerabilities.
  • Adviser training conveying industry best practices that are equally applicable abroad and domestically.
  • Investment adviser compliance based on a five-step matrix system where you can choose what solutions would benefit you the most.
  • Outsourced Finance and Operations Principal (“FinOp”) solutions, including specialized testing.

We employ professionals from the financial, legal and accounting industries to provide cost-conscious solutions for international businesses. Our professionals have experience in the global marketplace that gives them a unique perspective, and our knowledge of international regulatory practices puts us a step ahead of other firms.

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Navigating the U.S. and global markets successfully requires more than hard work. Our unparalleled expertise can guide you through regulatory and compliance matters while helping you identify and manage problems you may not have recognized.

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