Published on Mar 16th, 2022 |

Brief Introduction

FINRA recently released a Cybersecurity Alert to warn Advisor Firms and their clients of potential Russian cyberattacks targeting US organizations.

Preventing a Cyber Attack is crucial…Vigilant has provided 7 tips to prevent a potential Cyber Attack from occurring.

  1. Make sure operating systems, software, and applications are current and up to date.
  2. Back up data regularly.
  3. Store files through Cloud (preferred option).
  4. Be sure to filter network traffic.
  5. In order to prevent phishing emails from reaching end users be sure to enable effective spam filters.
  6. Multifactor Authentication must be a requirement.
  7. Your Firm should have an incident response plan implemented.

Cybersecurity continues to be a key topic and focus for 2022. Preventing Cyber Attacks from occurring should be a high priority for Advisor Firms and their Clients.

Building off of the tips to prevent a Cyber Attack, Vigilant recommends that your staff knows how to avoid phishing, especially with the recent increase in Attacks. You can use Vigilant’s SEC Cybersecurity Checklist as a way to help familiarize your staff with the realm of Cybersecurity.

If you need assistance with Cybersecurity, such as Penetration Testing Services, IT Consulting, or if you would like to learn more about Vigilant, please contact us here.