Published on Feb 3rd, 2022 |

In January, we saw important Risk Alerts, SEC Staff Releases, and important insights from Vigilant.

Below is a brief overview of what took place in the month of January, and what is approaching for February.

New Rules, Regulations, and Guidance

Upcoming Filings:

  • 2/10/22 – Schedule 13G Monthly
  • 2/14/22 – Form CTA-PR
  • 2/14/22 – Form 13F Quarterly
  • 2/14/22 – Form 13G Annual
  • 2/14/22 – Form 13H Annual
  • 2/15/22 – AIFMD Annex IV – Fund of Funds
  • To stay up to date with the SEC Filing Deadlines in 2022, click HERE to view Vigilant’s Filing calendar.

Events & Public Appearances by Officials:


Vigilant Insights:

6 Effective Compliance Strategies for 2022

  • With new Rules and Regulations taking effect this year like the new Marketing Rule, Derivatives Rule, and more, it is important develop an effective Compliance Strategy to comply with these new changes.
  • Vigilant has provided 6 effective Compliance Strategies to comply with the new changes ahead and a final conclusion of how we can help that can be found here!

70% of Compliance Functions are Under Resourced

  • The National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP) conducted multiple industry wide surveys that have focused on CCO Empowerment and CCO Liability.
  • To learn more about results of the surveys and Vigilant’s reaction to the results, click here!

Risk Alert:

Private Fund Adviser Deficiencies

  • On Thursday, January 27th, the Division of Examinations (“EXAMS”) released a risk alert on their observations from examining Private Fund Advisers.
  • To learn more about the results of the key areas examined, as well as Vigilant’s final conclusion, click here!

SEC Releases:

SEC Votes On Proposed Amendments To Enhance Private Fund Reporting

  • On Wednesday, January 26th, the SEC announced that they voted on proposed amendments to enhance Private Fund Reporting.
  • Vigilant provided the full list of topics discussed in the Proposed Amendments as well as our final conclusion here!

SEC Chairman Update on Cybersecurity and Securities Laws

  • On Monday, January 24th, SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, released a speech relating to Cybersecurity and Securities Laws.
  • To learn more about the areas Chairman Gensler focused on for improvement and Vigilant’s synopsis, click here!

Staff Statement Regarding Form CRS Disclosures for 2022

  • The SEC released a statement regarding Form CRS disclosures and provided the key areas of improvement that they are focusing on for 2022.
  • To see the full list of Compliance Improvements focused on by the SEC, click here!

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