Published on Jan 29th, 2021 |

Last week, the White House released an important announcement stating that there will be a 60 Day Delay on new rules that have not taken effect yet this year (e.g., have not been listed on the Federal Register).

This new delay will now further push back the effective date of the new Marketing Rule.

The article provides strong key takeaways from the White House to provide more clarity of what is being delayed and why.

Below are 4 Key Takeaways from this announcement:

  1. Rules not effective are postponed an additional 60 days to review any question of fact, law, and policy the rules may arise.
  2. During this 60 day period there will be a 30 day comment period for the new rules and allow for any comments or petitions towards them.
  3. Following approval of the Marketing Rule on December 22, 2020, the effective date was supposed to be 60 days following publication on the Federal Register (which it has yet to be).
  4. As a result, we are looking at a minimum of an additional 150 days before the Marketing Rule is effective. However, the actual date will most likely be significantly longer than that!

Want to learn more about the following announcement?

Click HERE to see the full release from the White House.