Published on Jul 22nd, 2021 |

Mutual Fund to ETF Conversion | Vigilant Insights

What steps are you taking in this vital structural decision?

According to, there has been $900 billion in new flows for ETFs within the last 15 months while equity mutual funds have matched that same amount in outflows.

This is going to be a unique opportunity.


Have YOU ever considered converting an open-ended Mutual Fund to an ETF?

Below are 5 Key Differentiators & Advantages to making that conversion:

  1. ETFs are more tax efficient than Mutual Funds as typically ETFs have fewer capital gains by satisfying redemption requests under the ETF redemption basket.
  2. Low expense ratios (compared to Mutual Funds) are an advantage for investors as ETFs do not hold 12b-1 fees.
  3. Great opportunity to possibly advance the interest of fund shareholders.
  4. ETFs can be more affordable than Mutual Funds for those looking to make a single large investment.
  5. Converting to an ETF can cut the expenses associated with open end mutual funds.


Where Vigilant can help?

We work with some of the country’s largest funds to keep them within compliance and nurture the trust clients show in their organization.
  1. You can benefit from our experience of over 17 years of providing solutions which helps you protect your clients interest and remain within regulatory compliance.
  2. Provide Active Distribution strategies to increase flows into the growing ETF space.
  3. Allowing you to provide Alpha for the investors within your investment disciplines.


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