Published on Apr 7th, 2021 |


As Q1 comes to an end there are lots of important Announcements and Industry Updates!

One of the most awaited updates came early this month where the SEC announced the effective date of May 4th as when the Marketing Rule will take effect.

To learn more about what happened in the month of March see below!

New Rules, Regulations, and Guidance

Upcoming Filings:

  • Proxy Statement or 10-K/A deadline is April 30th, 2021.
  • Form PF-12 and PRI are due on April 30th, 2021 as well.
  • To stay up to date with the SEC Filing Deadlines in 2021 click HERE to view Vigilant’s Filing calendar.


  • Capital Markets Strategies: Trading and Best Execution Summit 2021 is on April 21st at 12:00 AM ET.
  • To see upcoming 2021 SEC Meetings and Public Appearances click HERE.



Vigilant Q1 Survey:

  • This past week Vigilant sent out a Q1 survey which is meant to help make our content more relevant, timely, and useful for Q2.
    • Filling out this survey will take less than 2 minutes and provide you with the chance to be one of four winners for a $25 Visa Gift Card. The deadline to fill out this survey will be May 1st! Click HERE to fill it out.

SEC Releases:

  • The Division of Examinations Provides a Risk Alert Regarding AML Requirements.
    • On March 29th, 2021, the Division of Examinations (“EXAMS”) released a Risk Alert regarding examinations they conducted from Broker-Dealers and Mutual Funds on their compliance with AML requirements. To learn more about this EXAMS Risk Alert from Vigilant click HERE.


  • The Division of Examinations Announces 2021 Examination Priorities.
    • The SEC’s Division of Examinations announced its 2021 examination priorities on March 3rd, which highlights a greater focus on climate-related risks. It is important to note that the Division will also focus on conflicts of interests for brokers, investment advisers, and FinTech in its initiatives and examinations. To learn more about this SEC Release from Vigilant click HERE.


  • SEC Ad Rule Set to Take Effect on May 4th.
    • On May 4th, the Ad Rule is going to take effect and there will be a 18-month transition period between the effective date of the rule and the compliance date. The anticipated compliance date will be for November 4th, 2022. To learn more about the SEC Release from Vigilant click HERE.

FINRA Releases:

  • FINRA’s 2021 Report on Examination and Risk Monitoring Programs.
    • FINRA released its report on Risk Monitoring and Examination Activities which is designed to provide annual insights from FINRA’s ongoing regulatory operations and inform member firms’ compliance programs. Vigilant has provided three key takeaways from this FINRA Report that can be accessed HERE.